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I am a Major (res.) and served in technology units in the Intelligence Corps. I hold a BA in law and an MA in Public Law from Tel-Aviv University. As a lawyer, I specialized in high-tech and international M&As and later became a Business Development Manager in tech, focusing on IoT and cyber.

The birth of our firstborn motivated me to become politically active and run for office. After being elected to the Knesset, I founded the High-Tech Caucus to promote the Israeli tech and startup ecosystem. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, I promoted legislation to support small businesses, reduce bureaucracy, and decrease unemployment.

As the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, my portfolio includes:

- Upgrading Public Diplomacy capabilities

- Leading efforts against De-legitimization and new Anti-Semitism
- Conducting high-level diplomatic relations and foreign policy

- Strengthening bi-partisan support for Israel

- Promoting Israeli innovation

- Reaching out to young diaspora Jews

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