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Idan Roll is a State of Israel Member of Parliament and former Deputy Foreign Minister from "Yesh Atid" party.


His primary focus areas are foreign policy, public diplomacy, tech and innovation, Israel's relation with the Jewish Diaspora, combating antisemitism and LGBTQ+ rights.

As a former Deputy Foreign Minister, Roll established an innovative national public diplomacy programs that highlighted the diversity and uniqueness of the Israeli story. Following current trends, technologies and innovations, Roll also promoted Israeli culture through conferences and advanced technologies, such as AI, the Metaverse and gaming. MK Roll is a bridge-builder who engages with a variety of global communities. He actively supports peace agreements and normalization efforts with neighboring nations and extended aid to Israel's allies.

As a Knesset member Roll continues to promote his core values while spearheading fresh intrapreneurial efforts. He serves on the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee and leads a caucus focused on Israel-US relations, AI research, countering child bullying, fostering work/life balance in the workforce and LGBTQ+ rights. Recently, Roll launched the "Under ContRoll!" podcast, engaging surprising guests in discussions about Israel's most pressing societal matters.

MK Roll holds a B.A. in Law and an M.A. in Public Law from Tel Aviv University. His legal prowess is honed by roles in esteemed law firms, focusing on high-tech ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. Roll is an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with a major (res.) rank, serving until today in the reserve Intelligence Corps unit. Roll was born in Jerusalem and today lives in Tel Aviv with his husband and two kids.

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